Relaxed Glam

I'm (almost) literally trying to keep my eyes open with a toothpick. Being a student brings along with it the actual study part which many of us, including myself might occasionally forget about. And loads of assignments which tumultuously stack up and introduce you to the hell of sleepless nights. I could not stop myself from actually blogging my other current worry - the dresses for the up and coming festivities that Christmas brings along.

Apparently this year, I am being more difficult (and that's saying something - friends would agree) to actually pick a couple of dresses (and by couple I really do mean two. Two, no more!) for the Christmas season. 

It seems all the dresses, all of them, are either embellished with some extravagant sequin pattern, gold, silver, or latex-like. Ok ok I get it - metallics are in! but come on, why aren't there any more textured ones, or coloured ones, just anything, anything else?! I want a different dress, and I've searched everywhere and I really don't have the time to make one myself. I have to admit my options are rather slim since,

a. I'm trying to stay away from black (everyone wears black, I wear black all the time...I want some colour!)
b. I love lace, but I somehow wear it almost every day in some way or other, I don't want to wear it again on NYE or Christmas Eve.
c. I am not, not even a little bit in a metallic mood, to put it mildly.
d. Skater-dresses are (currently) boring me.
e. I am not into the extravagant, and this year, maximalism has definitely taken over. Unless it's McQueen or a Dolce, there is a good chance I won't like it.

All I can do is wait.

Anyway, enough ranting - here are some pictures from here and there which have struck my fancy. To set the mood for the kind of look I want. Because really, it's not about the dress, it's about the look, the entire look.

This is the kind of glamour I'd like my dress to portray - a ounce of glam, a grain of grunge, just the right dose of edge and a spoonful of elegance - relaxed elegance.

 [from Vogue Spain]

Perhaps big, but nevertheless soft messy curls might just do the trick...balancing what is already extravagant with soft elegant curls. The dress might be sequined after all... :)

The images are from all over the web (I don't know the sources since I save them on my computer...)


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