a new meaning to preppy.

This is the second batch of photos from my photo shoot taken by Stefan Vella. They are beautifully edited as you can see! Thank you Stefan :D We took them somewhere around Valletta.

What do you think of this look?

{ASOS wayfarers, Rimmel Red Fever matte lipstick, ASOS cropped sheer shirt, Newlook crop knit, Stradivarius pleat skirt, ASOS ankle boots and Peacocks brooch and I'm wearing my current favourite - white nail polish from Missha}

One note of advice - do NOT wear a pleat skirt on a windy day -  it brings about many embarrassing moments. I wore it once to Uni with the result of making my friends sit all through the day, just so the wind doesn't blow my skirt away and then they had to walk me to the bus stop simply for the sake of covering me up in case the wind blew it up - and you do NOT wear fuschia panties *heqhim*, you wear black ones just in case the wind does blow it up a la Marilyn Monroe.

I've been rekindling my love for knits over shirts lately - it's stylish yet simple.


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