My current obsession

I've lately been drawn to spiky objects... I find they're both edgy and classy. Well, not all of them, but most of them. As always, balance is key. So I won't be going overboard with this mini-trend lurking in the fashion world, but I will embrace any spiky, studded stylish objects if they come by. These are a few objects I've spotted around the market - in both luxury stores and high-street stores.

{left to right, top to bottom - ASOS spike ring, ZARA studded belt, CC Skye spike ring from, ASOS spike statement necklace, Miss Selfridge studded brogues, NY FW street style from, Swanblanc Ruthie Davis Spike Booty, Zara studded bag, Mango studded cuff}

But that's not all... there is one thing which is supreme above all else in the stud/spike conundrum - the Hermes collier de chien cuff! I am obsesssinggggg over it. Everything else looks dull next to it :P

{Studded punk collar necklace from - check this site out!!, studded turban headband inspiration, the utterly, and exhaustively fabulous Hermes cuff}


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