Gaga over this woman...!! The Opening at Barney's.

Gaga's workshop opened in a Gaga-esque (a word worthy of coinage!) manner, that is - with a bang! Last Monday night, there was the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Lady Gaga's Workshop at Barney's - Gaga's Workshop in New York, of course. This is the sketch by Karl Lagerfield (great man, great man!) of the dress he designed for the Star who took the world by storm. The dress is not, perhaps, as overwhelming as other dresses a la' Gaga - it is not so Gaga-esque (hihi).

This is the real thing, live and customised the way only Gaga knows how ;)

The dress is, naturally, very Chanel with the touch of a classic Chanel suit, cream colour, boucle fabric, black lining and all. The futuristic cat-eyes are Gaga's signature. BTW, the bow on Gaga's head is not really part of the hairstyle - it's actually a piece of merchandise from Gaga's Workshop which has, since last Monday night's opening, deemed to be predominantly popular with 10 year-olds.

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This is a tidbit from what Gaga said about the Workshop in an interview with WWD:
"I mean there’s so many things for everyone. There’s press-on nails. There’s sunglasses. There’s amazing jewelry made by fans. We commissioned the fans to bring their jewelry here to sell at the store. We have boxes of Little Monsters. There’s cookies that look like my outfits. There’s magnets that are dress-up Gaga dolls. There’s all sorts of things."

For more details about Gaga's Workshop visit

Love her or hate her, Gaga is a Queen!


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