Unfortunately, I don't have much time for a long post... I'm excitedly preparing for something which I hope I will be able to post about soon ;)

Currently I'm sporting white nail polish - and loving it. It's stylish without being out of this world. Mine is kind of old, so I might need to buy a new one if it turns out I like it too much.

On a totally unrelated note - lately, I've been posting pictures on tumblr almost addictively, so you might want to visit my tumblr blog to check them out here. I consider it an extension to this blog. The link is on Rouge Reveries' menu bar too.

Something else which has made be happy lately is something my boyfriend got me as an early Christmas pressie - my first filofax ever! It's a Personal red Finsbury in real leather. I've been lusting over it for years, but never really got to splurge on a really nice one. This year I desperately needed an organiser, and since I'm prone to write a gazillion notes a day and eventually still lose them or not even bother looking at them later, I needed something were I could organise my thoughts, daily scribbles, appointments, random ideas and so on. It's funny really that I prefer writing to typing since I'm a tech geek to the bones, but writing has that personal and intimate feel to it which typing can never live up to. The smell of paper, library books and newly printed publications are one of my guilty pleasures in life. Now you know about just another little eccentricity of mine hehe.

I will be posting pictures of it soon so you'll all get to see it ;)


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