black, gold and knick-knacks

I've always had those little knick-knacks which I never really found a place for. The kind of stuff I wear everyday, almost without knowing. Akin to little extensions of me. Luckily I found a place for them - My heart stand. I bought this peace last February with the intention of using it for this purpose. It's not really meant to carry little stuff, I think it's meant to carry sweets. That would be fab on St Valentines. I've been ranting against metallics this past week, about not wanting a metallic dress and so on. But really and truly, there are quite a few things I want which are metallic.

It's not just that, I've been blabbing about wanting a metallic themed room all summer. In fact I was on the verge of renovating, and I had already bought a couple of throw cushions in black, gold, white and silver. But since I need both time and money for such a project I had to push it aside and focus on other priorities.

Now, back to the heart-shaped sweet stands which is now home to a few of my favourite stuff (mostly jewellery). Here are some pics. I apologise for the quality of the photo - the lighting's a nightmare in my room. And since it's 4.30am and it's raining bucketfuls I really don't have much of a choice where to take photos except from here. :)

On it you'll find, my studded leather wrist wrap, which has almost become my signature piece, my pearl necklace, my silver and gold watch, my snake ear-cuff, a few brooches, my triangle stud earring and a few random rings :)

This is some interior decor inspiration on a black, white and gold theme (basically my current favourite combo - in interiors and in fashion), because you should know I'm almost as fascinated by interior design as I am by fashion. Style is not only found in dresses - as Chanel said. [that woman got everything pinned down!]


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