romance to this season's pallette - all but black.

I'm all about the LBD (the little-black-dress), and I do own more than 3 or four versions of this classic. Yet, when it really comes down to it and when it's time we up the amp, the Little Black Dress just doesn't cut it and we all want a little change. The little black dress sits at the back of the wardrobe as the 'reserve', hoping we never have to play that card and actually find the dress we want to be seen in, instead of just 'folding' our way out of it, to stick with the metaphor. In my journey to determine my two key dresses for the up and coming party season I conjured a few 'mood-setting' layouts, 'mood-boards', if you wish. I find this technique always helps me in styling any outfit.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director at Pantone Colour Institute remarked that "there is a certain romance to this season's pallette...". Would you really miss on that?

This is to (this is where you raise your champagne glass...) all that is not black.

There are other options of course, this was only to name a few, teal, coral, light blue, coffee...

These are the colours Pantone earmarked as the colours of this season (FW11)...perhaps you'd like to take this route vis-a-vis colour!

Enjoy colour this winter, stylishly, of course!


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