It's been long.

I'm finally back...well almost!! I'm currently studying for my annual exams and believe me, I can not be moodier. To deprive myself of shopping and searching for style inspiration - the horror! I can't say I haven't visited a few online shops - but there's only so much you can spend, especially from sitting on the same chair surrounded by the same walls. 

Staying in did have its upside though. A few dress designs came to mind, so my Style book grew a bit fatter - now I hope I eventually get down to actually making them. When they're ready I'll be sure to post pictures of the dresses (not of the designs though - the sketches are less than presentable. They're more like rough doodles, the actual design sits smugly in my head never to be produced on paper. I console myself with the fact that Chanel herself never actually drew any designs - she wasn't good at drawing.) I also got down to planning some blog posts and found a fab new layout editor for the blog: Snagit!

Last but not least - the Resort 2012 collections this past month. I'll leave you with my favourite collections to look at until next time [which should be soon I promise!]:

Marc by Marc Jacobs - a few spiced-up classics and wonderful colour combos!

Alberta Ferretti - it reminded me of Grecian goddesses, Parisian artists and cafe's all at the same time.

Givenchy - this collection speaks confidence. Loved the cropped 'jumper' style boleros.
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That's all for now - I'll be back soon though!

UPDATE: what do you think of the new header?


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