A week in: an edgy mood.

Last Sunday for me meant 3 things: Mother's day [a meal with my parents and grandparents], Rouge Reveries' unofficial anniversary (I did not start posting till quite a few months after I launched this blog) and the beginning to a week of flu, since I wound up with the flu by the time I got to bed. That, of course, resulted in a week of prescribed pills and moping around inside [that didn't quite help the moods of those around me]. This meant I had a great deal of time on my hands - but no-thanks to my blessed flu my enthusiasm was particularly lacking. I ended up web-surfing from site to site, adding a bounty of clothing items to my wishlist - most of which I will never end up buying by virtue of my limited bank account and with - still - a week left for my stipend. I am not entirely well now, but definitely much better!
The sunny-side up to this misfortune of sneezing and coughing, was that I found quite a few online-shopping sites (romwe.com, lulus.com, youreyeslie.com). I did a few searches on ebay for vintage finds - including denim cut-offs!) and made a new shopping list for summer and here it goes:
A Maxi Dress (in petite sizing, of course)
Studded black cut-offs (exactly my size, size 4UK - not bigger, I like 'em tight and cosy & totally punk HELP - I can't seem to find the perfect pair- ANYWHERE)
Printed cut-offs - tie-dye style or with aztec prints
Red Jeans - tight again, washed and roughly cut at the edges, I might DIY them up quite a bit.
Ripped t-shirt (Balmain style)
Utilitarian Belt- missed it last year.
More studded stuff
pink jean cut-offs (yes, cut-offs again)
A floppy hat - a straw one and unique - with some bold print
checked shirt
sheer throw-on (a blouse?)
head-turning heels/wedges.
fringed cut-offs (and yet..again)
printed mini-dress
Striped t-shirt - preferably in black and white
Utilitarian blouse
Edgy cocktail ring, some vintage-looking gothic rings.
That's about it. Come to think of it - I'm definitely going Balmain-esque this season. Perhaps I'm not very much into the eye-popping candy-colours this season. But I won't adamantly exclude that possibility - my sartorial moods do tend to deviate from one end to the next at the blink of an eye.
Balmain Spring/Summer '11 Inspiration

Look inspiration: White blazer, leather & tie-dye prints...woot!
Perhaps I'm feeling edgy - or its the meds and the moping flu-mood talking. Whatever it is - I'm definitely liking this look!
[images: style.com]


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