Leopard, Lace & Leather.

I took these photos a while back. In fact for those of you who follow my blog on facebook here, you've already seen this look there. Here, however, I can explain it better. First off, I'm in love with the jacket here - it has gotten me through so much, it's like the sartorial version of a best friend. It's not real leather, but it could have been - it feels so comfortable! AND it hasn't torn one bit, although it does have that worn out feel a leather jacket would have if worn endlessly and that's what makes it so perfect. I could practically say the same thing about the blouse - I've worn it endlessly and for more events than I'd like to note here, including birthdays and Christmas parties. Usually, the stuff I buy from Miss Selfridge are always the pieces I wear the most. Miss Selfridge do have a flair for having long-lasting stylish pieces. Jeans always have a story behind them and this one does have one comparable to the Me-to-you bear. You see, I bought this pair a few years ago, somehow, I decided on buying it not one but TWO sizes too large. Back then I was 14 so that perhaps is the reason behind my misjudgement in sizing. So, they were not only huge at the waist, but also really long. They were thus left neglected for quite a while at the back of my wardrobe. That was until I realised I could just DIY-them up. I ripped the seams and voila' - the result is as seen here - 3/4 jeans! I wanted those shoes badly the moment I saw them.
For those who know me, they know I don't usually settle for the average pair of shoes (in fact I always think twice before buying a pair of ballerina flats) so my loving these heels was a rare miracle. My parents then got them for me for Christmas. My mum would take a peek at the box from time to time, and we'd have this little competition of who loves these shoes the most. [She thinks she won...]. Unfortunately, due to their being incredibly painful to my feet I don't wear them that often, since most events or outings require walking and standing up for long periods of time and my feet won't have that. And trust me, not even a little too much drinking would make the pain go away.

ZARA jacket, ASOS peep-toe Leopard shoes, self-adjusted ZARA jeans, Miss Selfridge chiffon lace blouse, Pull & Bear bag and ring, necklace from Diva by Miss Selfridge (which I can't seem to find anymore in stores!), Accessorize pearl necklace, Newlook sunglasses, ring and earrings from handmade jewellery shop in Valletta.
(My feet don't really like these platforms - my toes aren't exactly in their comfort zone here)
This isn't exactly the best of photos but I posted it here anyway for a better view of the bag ;)


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