When winter succumbs to spring.

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What is perhaps the most challenging to the fashionista out there are the transitory periods in weather that are spring and autumn - whatever you wear is either too warm or too cold and finding the exact balance is like walking on a tight-rope. Here are a few tips and key pieces to take you into spring.1. The BlazerPaired with high-waisted shorts it will carry you through the night, with flare jeans through the day; with a pair of denim shorts it will prioritize comfort without making you look sloppy, and with a pencil skirt and court shoes it will make you a lady. Available in both warm and lighter fabrics it will take you through the whole year.2. Socks & SandalsAs geeky as that sounds you know you've seen them on the catwalk - wedges and socks keep you warm whilst allowing you to wear your new fave pair of sandals.3. Cardigans - go figure... I hear you say but believe me I'm not talking about plain knits, I'm saying capes and open cardis which will look just as good in the winter as in the warmer months.4. maxi skirts - Because they're both sexy and versatile - worn with a leather jacket they'll keep you warm, warm with stockings underneath you won't feel a breeze, and worn with a t-shirt and sandals they'll keep warm just enough.5. harem pants - another addition to the anything-but-a-skinny collection - they're both stylish and versatile and the colours in the one here aren't over the top-summery.6. jumpsuits - they can be worn all through spring and summer, for now when the weather isn't so warm you can throw on a preppy blazer, a boho-cardi or a studded leather jacket a' la Burberry.Your call! ;)


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