We all love a compact mirror... how about a compact book?

I'm all about carrying huge bags with tons of stuff in it, half of which I never use. But sometimes, when I'm staring out the window on a bus to campus and, really, there's nothing interesting to see anymore, I've seen it all day after day, same route, same streets and same shops... bottom line - I get bored. I'm all for "art is around us" but let's face it, the interest in polluted streets and densely populated streets does fade away when you've seen it once too many. And that's when I thank god for the existence of goods and then I thank the publishers who have made classics worth reading again.

Lately I've been reading Penguin's Great Ideas series... there are countless of them. Most of them of a philosophical or profound nature and I'm all for that. I hate carrying around huge books with me, especially when my bag's already overwhelmed with text books and gadgets - netbook, phone, power supply and whatnot. This series is just perfectly sized, ideally lightweight and not at all expensive (Around EUR 6). I don't mean this as an advert, although I admit it sounds like one. I wanted to say that, above all, they're really pretty and not at all an eyesore like most aging, boringly covered books. They make a great addition to any handbag... heck, you may even throw in more than one!


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