[ flare - up]

News flash: trousers are no longer limited to skinny jeans! For a while we've been marking skinnies as a wardrobe staple, possibly the sole wardrobe staple. But this isn't entirely true, and it hasn't been true for a while now - last SS '10 had already introduced flare trousers and palazzo pants to the Summer wardrobe. Linen trousers are a gratitude come summer, not to mention super sexy and smart! I could easily label them a must-have for summer, they come in all shapes and sizes and can be customised in a multitude of ways.However, just like a needle goes with thread and a pen goes with paper, flares go with wedges! Unless you're vertically-endowed, i.e. tall, wedges give you the perfect silhouette under flare jeans. I personally just bought a pair from ASOS and I've been wearing them with everything! I found them ideal with a preppy cardigan and a boho-looking scarf - which kept the perfect balance between 70s chic and preppy-now.

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