Chirping Birds & Muted Tones

We've seen an overload of eye-popping colours out there, and it just goes to show we sometimes go over our heads and think too much of what we'll be wearing in two months time and forget about the succulent, delicate pleasures of the present - spring. There are loads of high street buys out there waiting to be devoured by the hungry fashionista.

Here I've chosen a few pieces which I would personally love to own at this time of need... hah! The tones are particularly muted, but at the very least delicate - whilst I'm usually more akin with the edgier vibes, I'd be proud to wear them at this time of year. Funnily enough, spring makes me chirpier than usual, pun intended - the birds really have gotten over their heads on my balcony - they've been melodiously frolicking about for an hour or so now...

Bottom line - as much as they say the early bird catches the worm, I'll say the early bird will forget that summer has plenty of time to catch up with - perhaps too much time to catch up with here in Malta... so go out there and enjoy spring while it lasts!

Asos Leather Clutch, Asos bowling bag, topshop earrings, topshop white pumps, Miss Selfridge turquoise mixed knit, Miss Selfridge colour-block dress, Miss Selfridge Kimono, ASOS Lady bag, Paul & Joe Spring 2011 Limited Edition in Sunshine and Prism.


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