Spring cleaning

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger! I was busy with both my incessant urge to refurbish my bedroom and the sudden realisation that i was way back on studying. But I'm back, with a few ideas up my sleeve; blog-related of course! Now, back to business.

Spring's here and with that the chance to start a new leaf. I keep wanting to start a new leaf constantly- whether it has to do with my blog, with interior decorating, with shopping, spending, studying and what-not. Tiring? Yes. Sometimes it may seem I'm constantly demotivating myself but nevertheless it's refreshing and exactly what I need to keep me going.

Spring cleaning your wardrobe brings about a load of baggage. I find a dress I wore a year ago reeking of memories... a pair of jeans a size too-big wishing I'd never bought it, a top I can't believe happened to be such a wardrobe staple and so many other "necessities" I don't have the guts to throw away. So this is how it should go:

We've all heard of the "Pile Selection" - putting stuff into the pile deciding its fate - "keeping", "giving away", "throwing away". That never really worked for me. I find this method to be much better.

  1. Choose a rail from your wardrobe, preferably a higher one.
  2. Any piece of clothing you haven't worn in 3 weeks should be put there - on that rail. Obviously, excluding clothing for the upcoming season - i.e. spring.
  3. Clothes which you haven't worn in the past year should be given away.
  4. Take out clothing you stacked away for the warmer months - brighter colours & skimpy dresses here we come!
  5. Remove any pieces you don't think you'll wear - you want to make space for the new!
  6. See what basics are needed - black camis, jeans shorts, a white teesh and so on.



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