Give us this day our daily bread....yes, these are as essential. - Part 1

The holiday season comes and goes but whilst it's yet to come you have to embark upon the purchasing of necessities regardless of what a waste of money they may seem - oh my you'll have to ditch that dress which fitted you so perfectly in exchange for 3 pairs of tights, a pair of leggings and yet another plain cardi! What to do, what to do.... Without them, the holiday season will refuse to come about. Seriously, think about it! Christmas festivities without what seems to be a million pairs of torn hosiery? And that pair of leggings you've torn to bits? It's just not it, is it?


Black tights - all sorts are welcome. The more you find, the more versatile your outfits.

Patterned tights: Personally I find the vaster the array of available patterned tights, the more interchangeable outfits. Lately, I've turned to the refuge of one of my black sheer tights, but what about it being versatile you'd say..then bam, you'll spot the gorgeous velvety pattern at the back of my legs and no, it's not a tatuage it's the tights themselves. A plain blouse and high waisted shorts chic in an instant. Appropriate for a night out, and fit for flat knee-high boots for the day.

Conclusion: buy as much patterned tights as you think fit...A reminder however is that they do get torn, regardless their quality; especially in the hurry reminiscent of festivities, as you inevitably change from one outfit to the next.

Plain sheer tights - plain and simply fit for a more elegant assemblage, or perhaps as an undertone to an already fancy outfit. Always useful! Worn with combat boots and socks they'd embody Nowness, if that word even exists...

Black opaque tights - they easily replace leggings for a slimmer look particularly when worn with ankle boots and a fur mini dress for during the day. They are the kernil of dressing down and possibly the warmest alternative when it comes to tights.


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