The Make-Up Revolution

Lip gloss has gone and apparently conquered the minds of the Maltese femmes. Well at least those under the age of 30 who were not influenced by what were, in my opinion, by the years of epitome style - the 1950s and 1960s, setting aside the stay-at-home mothers, diligent wives and a mad-ringing of bells at Mad Men. They were also the years of style icons and sex-symbols like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren - prime and pure elegance.

As much as the 1950s and 1960s were the crux of the Sexual Revolution, the Invention of the Bikini and the mini-skirt, tie-dye, turned up collars and Wonder Woman- they were the years of Wondrous Make-up.

The make-up industry has gone and re-invented those luscious lips courtesy of that Age. So stow away that very-much trusted lip gloss for now and head to the shops for a lush lip look to wear!!


Head to this gallery to see what the designers were on for this autumn and the up and coming winter. Bottom line: Nude Lips VS Bold Red Lips; Matte Vs Shiny; Light VS Dark; Eyes, Lips, Cheeks or Eyebrows - the age of Emphasis.

Rodarte - Put Simply

The ghostly effect envisaged in this Rodarte-ian masterpiece, as I look at it is an enduring one not easily forgotten. I'm not one to look gleefully when told of an utterly white complexion - it brings to much boredom and ghostliness to mind, but here it's different - it brought forward elegance to the hazel hair and white assemblage.


Ralph Lauren

Simplicity, contoured eyebrows, matte lipstick and beauty. Eyebrows heavily mastered, they are what brought about expression to the otherwise 2009 simple look. They are in fact, the key 'piece' of this look.

Ralph Lauren's manifesto heavily manifested, I'll say!

Proenza Schouler

I have to admit this isn't one of my fav looks but it does console many of us who host cracked lips every once in a while. Barely there eyebrows balanced with an exagerration of brugundy lipstick. Unkempt is the new classy!

Nina Ricci - Nude Rejolt and a Perfect Base

There isn't make-up - but there is! This season it's all about having an matte, perfect base. Skin worthy of a baby's and seemingly untouched eyebrows.

Notice the hair. 'Nuff said.

Miu Miu

It reminds me of childhood play - lego blocks and dressing barbies. The definition of Sweet and Simple :D

Missoni - Sinister

Michael Kors - Girly Innocence

The blush features as the epitome of innocence here. The hair does build up to the premiss to childhood play and untidy ventures. Needless to say, the eyebrows complement this theme.

Nude once again!

The Emphasised Eyes by Lanvin

Glitters are gorge on clothes, on nails, on shoes.. but divine on eyes! They create the perfect party look, but look equally marvellous and fitting during the days - especially when chanelling that morning-after look.

Lanvin - clear-cut attitude

Nude lipstick is somehow the key here. Whilst the eyes are endowed with beauteous black shadow and that sazzy fringe they lead perplexedly towards the nude lips - and notice - no gloss!!

Karl Kagerfield


Dior - in the making!


Diane von Furstenberg

Oscar de la Renta and lippie!

Chloe and Emancipated Women.

Chanel Strikes - Queen of the Wolf Pack

Chanel -

Cavalli - Forest Sexy

Dark Dior

Armani Unleashes

Diane von Furstenberg

DSquared2 in the making

Dolce and Gabbana

Diane von Furstenberg



Nude a' la Prada

If you must use gloss - think clear - gloss is not anymore about sparkly lips it's now about keeping it minimal. Notice how it seems the model has no make-up whatsover. Think again! Apart from the lluminating skin, the model is endowed with mattifying primers and a glorious base.

The eyebrows are a statement of their own - countoured eyebrows give just about statement to your look that you can rid off the extravagant premiss of make-up Galliano-style!

Simple, yet elegant!


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