A Deja-Vu, I'd say. The 'Glam' Fifties.

The fifties are coming back. Eerily and spookily so, I must add. Looking at a Revlon ad in the New York Times which "restages the original" more glamorously and naturally with added amounts of Photoshop, didn't just remind me of flattering full-circle skirts, Marilyn Monroe in white, wind-blown skirts, a surplus of bows, sexy corsets, dominatrix red lippie, glam updos and huge hats. Well it did not remind me, really, of anything; I didn't exist back then, I wasn't even a thought in the heads of my ancestors, needless to say; more like brought to mind images of women stuck at home, with endless household chores, tiring themselves out and cleaning in heels for their husband's sake.

But it wasn't just the Revlon ad which scared me. It was Beyonce's music video of her "Why don't you love me?"  The vid outwardly vintage in style, of course, replays the concern of many housewives back in the fifties.  As MTV US puts it, Beyonce Plays Suffering Housewife in 'Why Don't You Love Me' Video.

Let's hope, but not just hope, and sustain what our female ancestors fought for in often no-less-than bloody protests in earlier times - for women to have a voice and to stop living in such patriarchical manners. But for the sake of not sounding pessimistic or downright feminist... thank god for the style they had back then!!

To read MTV US' article and watch Beyonce's vid head here.

For the NY times article on the Revlon ad go here.

Tata for now...and have a great weekend xx


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