Your own Must-Haves. The next Philosophy.

The must-haves promoted in magazines are equivalent to the wear of the masses. The items which you'll see low-quality imitations of. So beware when jotting down your next shopping list with that worn-out page on your fav mag. You want to be unique - not the average mainstream, wannabe fashionista with tons of people sporting the same 'must-haves' as you. But there is one way to resolve all this - the key is to have your own must-have list.

SO: Creating the skeleton (yes skeleton, because you're still going to be adding to it ;] ) shopping list for the season comes down to the following essentials...

  1. Ask yourself - before you buy anything...what is my must-have list? Then start jotting down your own.
  2. Read tons of magazines and fashion blogs to get a rough idea of what's in. That's before you even set foot in the shops.
  3. Think of what you can pull off. Don't wear blocks of gold if you feel like you're wearing wrapping paper or shouting out 'HEY, I'm here!'. Same goes for sequins. Think along the lines of what you imagine yourself wearing.
  4. What did you like best out of all the inspirational ideas you saw? What looks will you channel?
  5. What will you be doing this season? Office wear or school wear? So don't go buying court shoes and loads of teeny-weeny clutch bags when you'll be carrying books, books and books at school.
  6. Will next season involve a lot of running about? In that case heels may have to be put aside albeit the occasional night out...Wedges prove to be a comfortable solution to give you that confidence boost (after all a woman with the right pair of shoes can conquer the world!) without tiring most of your feet's muscles - but like it or not they still limit the maximum running potential...pumps are perhaps the apt solution. Yes, (don't you worry!) so are military boots and flat knee-high boots. :)
  7. How will you customise? Big bold jewellery has been made the prime choice this fall, out there on the fashion runway. But will you carry it off? If you're wearing it to work amidst an otherwise minimalist cut, or in an evening out or a day out shopping - it would like uber-fab. But would you wear it to school? For school I'd suggest a signature piece - a piece you can wear everyday. Since it might be the piece you'll be known by, choose wisely. Not to bold, not to small. A charm bracelet or leather cuff may be the most ideal options. But since it's about you, you and you - you have to come up with your own signature piece and enjoy doing so! :D
  8. Think of past experiences - what did you buy last year and ended up not wearing? Do you imagine yourself wearing the item in mind considerably? Or will they end up falling at the back of your wardrobe. Impulse buying rarely ever serves well. Think twice! What did you wear a lot? Try to find similar pieces, the following season, naturally with a more now feel.
  9. Preferably choose pieces which will not fall out next year. Think classics.
  10. Choose colours which say YOU. Chanel once again says it all - ''The best colour in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!" In other words- don't wear mustard if you're as pale as it goes or if you're olive skinned - you won't like the look - trust me, been there, done that! If you really like the colour, then pair it with burgundy or plum, for instance, to create contrast.
  11. Finally - Go shop! Try to stick to your list - but if you find even better options why not change! The must-haves are your own - so lead your own way ;)


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