Who am I?

I'm an eighteen year old. I'm in love with fashion and all the things to do with it. But you've probably heard that a gazillion times now, or you might say it yourself. Let me get to the real reason behind this blog. Fashion is the muse behind everyone's style. And since style is personal, it must always be unique. I created this blog to write about things which you won't find in magazines. Stuff every young fashionista must know. In many ways, it's a new fashion philosophy. A philosophy based on what you like and how new trends may influence your style rather than simply what the designer's like with no locale for personal style.

What you'll find here is key-pieces for the current season - the current fashion for now and I'll leave it in your own hands to decide what further perfects your style out of the seasonal must-haves. I'm a true believer when it comes to Classics - I second Chanel here on this one! - "Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating! I want to create Classics!" No wonder the woman left such a huge stamp on the fashion world.

Before I go ahead and start this blog - I want to make a few things clear. Being a full-time student and still struggling to save for my first car and driving lessons - the world of designer handbags, Hermes scarves, Prada and Chanel is far too expensive for me to handle. High-street shopping will have to do for now.

So...until the day of my own Birkin, Chanel's 2.55 and LV's speedy 30 - here it goes!


I dedicate this blog to all the fashionistas out there who do not afford off-the-catwalk artistry, whilst they would love to - very much. Let's hope that some day you will ;)


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