Student Compilations

Since I'm a student and yes - a fashion addict, I'd naturally go to Uni wearing student-friendly fashionable clothing.

Now, what do I mean by student-friendly? Most importantly, inexpensive, comfortable, yet chic clothing.

Here I'm going to lay out some pointers for the Uni fresher starting this Fall, for a competitive player in the clothing field.

First off,

you've got to think of an image. How do you want to appear to the rest of the student body? Ok, this may sound totally impersonal and whole-heartedly stereotypical...but it's not. Style really is what defines you - whether you like it or not. Wear slouchy clothing and you're labelled sloppy, wear neat looks and bear style and you're seen as smart and efficient and people will look up to you. It's who you are, and that's what you wear, and that's how people see you. That's how the world rolls.

Know first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. - Euripedes

Bear headbands for that Upper East side cliche, sport leather bands and indian prints for that Boho look, and channel sparkly for that diva look. It's your choice.


Think of your budget. What will be your income during your time at Uni? How many of it are you prepared to spend on clothing? How much often are you planning on clothes shopping?


Reinvent. Organise your wardrobe and think of what will work and what won't for the coming season. Anything Fall-runway-inspired enough may stay; the rest, move to le sidewalk s'ils vous plait!


As much as a waste of money it may seem stock up on basics, it is always fundamental to do so. If it's any consolation, basics don't go out of fashion that quickly, and they're the shoulder to cry on when you're in a major fashion-crisis. Team basics with a single exclusive piece and you're ready to go. Layering is a must, especially when it's the time of year when the weather can't seem to decide where to head to. Still, don't go overboard, of course; buy a few key pieces that make you shine through from the rest of the basic-wearing entourage. Remember, you're the fashion-follower and trend-SETTER, not one of the mass regiment.


Customise. Think of what you wear most and adapt a regiment of jewellery. Ideally splurge on one item that will soon become your signature piece. (see the must-haves entry I posted prior to this entry.) And this follows, especially, if you can't afford to wear different jewellery for every item of clothing you own.


think ahead. How will you distribute your entire wardrobe assets until your next shopping expedition? Should you buy jackets now, or leave that for the next shopping spree - maybe next month - when a jacket really matters as it gets colder?


don't forget comfort. Sometimes, unfortunately, fashion does come in the way of comfort. But that shouldn't be the case. If you're really out of ideas, look at some runway looks and print out and highlight those looks you like which seem comfortable enough and budget-friendly (i.e. comprise of similar accessories to one another, does eliminating the need of buying items which are going to be used only in a single outfit). Right now, we're lucky enough to have those comfortable military boots, brogues, cargo pants and SOCKS. Yes, those beloved socks which you can wear when it gets colder! (Comfortably now, knowing D&G and Marc Jacobs are making most of their collection out of the glory of socks!!)


the bag! It is the IT item of every girl's wardrobe. Seriously, wearing the right clothes and the wrong bag gives you only wrong. Buy a good bag. A single bag or two, if you don't like to stick to a single one and choose wisely. It has to be spacey, to carry all your books and ephemera, make-up supplies, water, pens, phone and the rest of the stuff that has to be carried every single day. Think of what you'd prefer- a hand bag vs a backpack or an across-body bag.


plan outfits a week ahead. This may seem like a chore. But it's something you'll enjoy doing and you'll spend an extra 30 mins per morning SLEEPING rather than deciding on what to wear. And 30 minutes is the minimum - that's if you're really quick at such crucial decisions....


Practicality is the key - you don't want to be fiddling about with your wear every 10 minutes just because your bra decides to show up under your top. So it's always best to try your outfit beforehand.

Finally, HAVE FUN! :D


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