More Laurent...Sorry, couldn't help it! I fell in L.o.v.e...

YSL's pre-fall collection reminded me of how art can be so united with fashion. Each and every look is a total and complete work of art. Forget practicality. Looking at these looks totally, and manifestly remind you of how awe-inspiring fashion can be.

Lady in Fur.

You know...white tights, alone, on a shop's counter would, personally, totally put me off. But here. Honestly, the look is totally breath-taking. And you forget all about how white tights make your thighs look double their actual size. It is perfection. An ode to the womanly form. And those brown/burgundy-ish heels and the matching belt gave the outfit the missing edge. No more patronised woman. The look of the New woman, without being a tomboy ;)

Sharp and Sassy

i love this look...I love how it put the sassy into the clean-cut, sharpness of a lawyer's suit. What can a woman want more? All credit must be given to the mustard gloves I must say. You gotta hand it in to the gloves, - pun intended! - they aced Le Look!

A bold mix

Who would ever think of mixing such a close, but wrong combination of colours? And then, it still looks good?


Because they're from the same colour palate, silly! ;) Had the colours been totally different, the look would have just looked wrong. but here it just looks RIGHT.

Bold mix of fabrics and a bold mix of colours! You have to be brave to even try and sport this look.

Doesn't it remind you of a geisha's clothing?

With the obi belt, pale skin and everything?

The true definition of minimalist, with, even so, a hint of military!! And then the bow on the sleeve, gave it just a hint of femininity to soften the blow!

The sexy secretary.

The purple heels. Notice the singular colour palette! No rust included - perfection!

Edgy and Feminine.

It somehow reminds me of the likes of Vivienne Westwood. The velvety gloves lessened the severity of the clean-cut leather dress.

I don't have favourites, but this is was a close one.

Properly stylish. I love that shirt.


That purple and that iconic autumn colour of mustard make this look the ultimate look of Power.

Hands on hips, cape in tow, head high - Rule on girl.


But it doesn't stop at that. A look so simple but says so much. Not the usual haute couture presentation, I'd say, most would wear it on any day, in fact but the essence it conveys is overwhelming. Submissive (head, bowed down, hand grasping the bag, zipped all up...) but powerful (the military dress-suit, the sharp wedge, the bold colour choice and the leather gloves.) Both sexy and cute....It's all there. The look that has it all.

Elegant Profusion

One look at the trousers, you say - man enough?  One look at the fur shawl, you'll say - elegant. The hat and you'll say, femininity and elegance. The coat and you'll say chic.....

It's one artistic make-up to observe, and observe well. Beautiful.


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