The Facial Saviour

Blusher and concealer can stay for all I care when the sky puts its night cap on and I'm enveloped in bed (until the next morning when my facial skin is endowed with dotted whiteness - i.e. zits)... but eye-shadow cannot, and under no circumstance, remain on my eye-lids or any part close to face when that time comes.The velvety feel left courtesy of powdery eye-shadow is not something I enjoy the feeling of, especially if my eye-balls end up all red-veined and itchy. And to this I have found the perfect solution - Rose Water!!

Being easy to apply and not infested with chemicals, which I'm sure prove to be more harmful to the face in the long-run than pleasantly-effective, makes it the facial miracle I have long been searching for. Its price, at a mere 5euro and its rosy smell are an added bonus!

Cotton buds in one hand and my Roberts Rose Water in the other, I gladly welcome my noticably softer skin and bedded glory...


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