Eclectic & Electric - Blue.

I love how YSL put blue as black's partner in the Fall-Winter'10/11 Collection....An all black outfit - so minimalistic then bam - an electric shock as the Blue Heels spring out. You've got to love Laurent.

The Dress

This is one piece I would call a must-have. And sooner I'd call it the new LBD - the little-blue-dress!!! Everyone's sporting it. But it's not just that - as you well know. Whilst black often commits itself to the darker seasons of Winter and Autumn, Blue remains an it colour all year round. Yes, all kinds of blue. Think of this piece in summer. Teamed with lime stilletos, aqua glasses and a splash of yellow, a tinge of green and violent purple - and, maybe a stark yellow belt for contrast. A rainbow of colours in a good way. Come autumn, pair it with the rusty colours of mustard, copper and the darker shades of green and you're the vision of autumn. When winter comes full on, sport it with long black gloves - velvety and spell L U X E; feathers and killer black heels. Ditch the strappy heels, though and stick to minimal - it's THE trend, upcoming fall.

The Hat and Cape

A minimal look, then the heels come along to add the much needed spice. Classy.

In your face action.

This look says it all - Minimal, Edgy and Sexy.

The shoe.

Observe the heel. Enough said.


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